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Please view Newsletter Schedule, Ad Samples/Specs and Notes, Terms and Conditions before proceeding with purchase.

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Offering Description

Reach thousands to hundreds of thousands of progressive multicultural individuals (located throughout the U.S. and 50+ other countries) by advertising via graphical display ads in our Resource Connection e-Newsletters.


Our high traffic global interactive portal and e-subscription offerings are more robust than most other web sites because it is strategically designed to steadily attract large quantities of users and subscribers.  These progressive and savvy individuals regularly access our portal to view and access various content, information and resources (i.e., news, articles, announcements, job listings, career resources, event calendars, non-profits, businesses and various resources - for students, entrepreneurship, legal, wealth accumulation, literary, etc.). 


Our vast and steadily increasing audience represents a large multicultural and highly diverse pool of progressive private and public sector individuals with variable skills and interests, education, and experiences, including students, mid-level and entry-level contributors, entrepreneurs, and executives. 


Our graphical display ad options afford flexibility to purchase a larger display ad or smaller ad based on your available budget, target audience and reach, and desired outcomes.  Graphical display ads via our web portal allow a basic to high exposure visible presence to advertise companies, jobs, events, businesses, organizations, communications, messaging, products or services to potentially millions of viewers.


Graphical display ads generally receive the highest click thru ratio of all e-mail marketing or online ads.  They are ideal for branding, providing details, and driving traffic to your web portal and/or generating increased support for your company or organization, or jobs, events, products or services.


Graphical display advertising is subject to availability on a first-come, first-served basis.



Notes, Terms and Conditions

  1. Our Standard MPN U.S. Geographical and Interest Specific e-Newsletters are scheduled to be disseminated as listed on our schedule page.

  2. Standard e-Newsletters are typically compiled and distributed on Thursdays, but potentially could be released on a Tuesday or Wednesday.

  3. For planning and scheduling purposes, please note that "Monday" determines the beginning of our distribution week for any given week.  Therefore, "Week 1" of any given month would correspond to the first "Monday" in that particular month, Week2 >> 2nd Monday, Week 3 >> 3rd Monday, etc.

  4. No ad space will be reserved in any newsletter unless your ad is fully paid for and secured at least 24 hours in advance using one of the following payment remittance options:

  5. Advance payment (or approved and signed deferred payment agreement) is mandatory

  6. We do not offer any refunds once ad space is purchased (unless the content is deemed inappropriate and hence is rejected by MPN); however, we will allow you a credit or deferral to include your ad in a later e-newsletter distribution, if requested.

  7. Upon completion of your purchase, we must receive your "fully compliant" creative ad or tags via e-mail at at least prior to 12 NOON ET on the day before the scheduled release date.

  8. Out of respect to our subscribers and to maximize the effectiveness of communications distributed by MPN, we do not send excessive e-mails to any subscription audience. 

  9. Therefore, e-marketing (i.e., e-blast and e-newsletter) distribution dates to each unique subscription audience are closely monitored and restricted, and offered based on availability to comply with our longstanding distribution policies.  Please CLICK HERE to view our standard e-Newsletter schedule and guidelines before making a purchase. 

  10. Only a limited number of these ads are available on a first come, first-served basis. 

  11. If you are unsure or need additional clarification, please carefully review view our ads specs or contact our office before you make any purchase since all purchases are final once they are processed.

    • You could receive an advertising credit for future use, but no refunds will be granted.  Therefore, prior to completing an online purchase, we strongly recommend that you e-mail ( or phone our office (888.676.6389 or 770.322.9323) to confirm that your display ad can be distributed to the target audience via an e-Newsletter that will be release on or near your preferred release date.

  12. Only a limited number of these ads are available on a first come, first-served basis. 

  13. Listed or quoted rates are typically valid for 30 days.

  14. If the desired ad space is not available at the time of inquiry, you are eligible for placement on a waiting list, and the ad space can be purchased now or when it becomes available.

  15. In order to ensure total satisfaction with their creative, customers typically supply their own graphical ads to MPN in accordance with the applicable ad specs above.

    • However, if needed and upon request, MPN can create a "basic" graphical display ad at no charge.  You provide the text inputs and basic requirements, and we create the graphical ad.  No revisions are allowed with this complimentary service. 

    • If an enhanced graphical design is desired, we can provide graphical design expertise to create your ad for a one-time cost of $100 (which includes the initial design and one revision, if required).  Any additional revision requests may trigger additional charges.

  16. Upon successful processing of your credit card or debit card payment (CLICK HERE), and upon receipt of a compliant graphical display image, and based on available ad space and timing, your ad will typically be included and distributed in the next scheduled MPN Resource Connection newsletter for the audience you're targeting.  MPN will make every effort to include your ad in a newsletter that will be distributed within 2 to 10 business days of your purchase and receipt of compliant creative..

  17. Send all creative material to:

  18. MPN reserves the right to decline any ad for any reason, including rejecting any ads deemed not fully compliant with the focus of our network or likely meeting the interests of our network.  CLICK HERE to view sample e-Newsletters.  CLICK HERE to view sample e-Blasts.  

  19. MPN reserves the right to change our rates without notice.

  20. We will make every attempt to adhere to our published schedule; however, we reserve the right to alter our dissemination schedule as needed and for various reasons, possibly including the following:

    • To accommodate imminent customer advertising requirements;

    • To avoid sending voluminous electronic communications to select audiences where a larger quantity of dedicated e-Broadcast announcements have been purchased; and/or

    • Based on other MPN business priorities or resource constraints, etc.



Please visit our our EMPLOYER SOLUTIONS or GENERAL ADVERTISING main menus or call +1 770-322-9323 or 888-676-6389 or e-mail MPN Advertising Solutions Department at for additional assistance.

Thanks for your support and for advertising with MPN!


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Please view Newsletter Schedule, Ad Samples/Specs and Notes, Terms and Conditions before proceeding with purchase.




Credit /Debit Card Authorization

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* All online transactions are processed through our PayPal-powered automated payment processing system. 

No credit card or billing information is captured or saved anywhere on our site or to any MPN database.

Ad Agencies:  Note that ALL Posted Standard Ad Rates are "NET"

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