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Standard Advertising Rates


Package Type**

Everyday Low Rates

Job Postings Quantity

Job Ad Duration

Resume Sessions

Effective Rate*

 per Job Ad   per Day

 Savings Discount


Qty 1 Package (30 day)


1 Job Posting

30 days

1 session





Qty 1 Package (60 day)


1 Job Posting

60 days

4 sessions





Qty 2 Recruiting Package


2 Job Postings

60 days

8 sessions





Qty 3 Recruiting Package


3 Job Postings

60 days

12 sessions





Qty 4 Recruiting Package


4 Job Postings

60 days

16 sessions





Qty 5 Recruiting Package


5 Job Postings

60 days

20 sessions





Qty 10 Recruiting Package


10 Job Postings

60 days

40 sessions





Qty 25 Recruiting Package


25 Job Postings

60 days

100 sessions





Qty 50 Recruiting Package


50 Job Postings

60 days

200 sessions





1 Month Unlim. Package



60 days

1 Mo. Unlim.





3 Mos. Unlim. Package



3 mos. max

3 Mos. Unlim.





6 Mos. Unlim. Package



6 mos. max

6 Mos. Unlim.





12 Mos. Unlim. Package



12 mos. max

12 Mos. Unlim.





* Everyday Low Rate / Job Postings Quantity  = Effective Rate per Job Ad

* Effective Rate per Job Ad  / Job Ad Duration = Effective Rate per Day


Quantity-based packages do not expire until all job posting credits and resume browsing sessions have been fully utilized.


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** Each online recruiting package includes the following package benefits:

  • The standard 30 or 60-day minimum per job announcement listing in the MPN Jobs Database.

  • Fixed quantity or time based Resume Browsing Session access to the MPN Candidate Resume Database. 

  • A complimentary "Job Alert" notification sent to users that have subscribed to this feature.

  • A 15-day complimentary featured job announcement listing upgrade on the JOB SEEKERS start page.

  • A complimentary feature announcement listing in the MPN Career Resource Connection e-Newsletter.

Automatic access is granted immediately upon successful processing of your credit card payment or non-credit card payment guarantee.  Positions are typically activated within two hours, and upon activation you will receive the above package benefits.


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Offering Description

Reach tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of active job seekers and potentially hundreds of thousands to millions of passive candidates (located throughout the U.S. and 50+ other countries) by advertising your company’s available positions via our global web portal. 

Our online recruiting services differ and are more robust than most other job boards because your job announcements can also be viewed by large quantities of users and subscribers who regularly access our portal to view and access other content, information and resources (i.e., news, articles, announcements, event calendars, non-profits, businesses and various resources - for students, entrepreneurship, legal, wealth accumulation, literary, etc.). 

This vast and steadily increasing pool of individuals represents a large passive candidate base of qualified, talented, educated, experienced and capable multicultural executives, entrepreneurs and mid-level and entry-level contributors. 

Our online recruiting packages include one or more job announcements (listed for up to 60 days) plus MPN Candidate Resume Database browsing sessions.  Candidates can search by city, state, job category, or company name. Employers can post their open positions using our easy-to-use and interactive online job posting form. Candidates can use the "apply online" feature to apply for your openings.

Our online recruiting package rates are very reasonable (a single job advertisement costs $150 and remains active for up to 60 days, costing only $2.50 per day).  The effective rate per job ad is considerably less when greater quantity-based job advertisement packages are purchased (averaging as low as $60 per job advertisement), and even significantly lower on average with the purchase of any time-based unlimited online recruiting packages

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Notes, Terms and Conditions

  1. Inventory is offered based on availability.

  2. Only a limited number of these ads are available on a first come, first-served basis. 

  3. Quoted prices are valid for 30 days.

  4. If the desired ad space is not available at the time of inquiry, you are eligible for placement on a waiting list, and the ad space can be purchased when it becomes available.

  5. Send all creative material to:

  6. MPN reserves the right to change its rates without notice.

  7. Customers typically supply their own graphic ads to MPN.  However, if needed, MPN can create a "basic" graphical display ad at no charge.  If an enhanced graphical design is desired, we can provide graphic design expertise to create your ad for a one-time cost of $100 (which includes the initial design and one revision, if required).  Any additional revision requests may trigger additional charges.

Our goal is to provide our clients, advertisers, and partners with a comprehensive and integrated solution within your allotted budget that will meet your specific objectives and deliver targeted results!

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Thanks for your support and for advertising with MPN!


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* All online transactions are processed through our Paypal-powered automated payment processing system. 

No credit card or billing information is captured or saved anywhere on our site or to any MPN database.

Ad Agencies:  Note that ALL Posted Standard Ad Rates are "NET"

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