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Dr. Alduan Tartt presents
"Why Relationships Fail and How to Fix Them"

Proven Solutions for Making Your Relationships WORK with PSYCHOLOGIST


How To Make Relationships WORK - Dr. Tartt Holds Relationship Bootcamp

How To Make Relationships WORK - Dr, Tartt Holds Relationship Bootcamp



  • The Two Biggest Predictors of Divorce & Relationship Fail


  • Why 50% of All Marriages End In Divorce & How To Be On the Other 50% Who Survive!


  • How To Predict Affairs & Get Rid of the Temptation


  • How To Argue and Move Towards One Another Versus Apart


  • How To Get Men To Talk and Women To Have More Sex…Willingly


  • How To Reconnect With Your Partner & Stop Feeling Married But Single


  • The Seven Qualities That Couples Who Don’t Divorce Have That You Need!

CNN Interview with Dr. Tartt - Is Kissing the Key to a Happy Marriage?

CNN Interview with Dr. Tartt - Is Kissing the Key to a Happy Marriage?




August 20, 2011



2:00 - 4:00 p.m.



$29/PERSON or $49/COUPLE



Sweet Georgia Juke Joint

200 Peachtree St. Atlanta, GA 30303

Phone: (404) 230-5853



More Seminar Info: 678-954-5804 or 404-377-4757

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Sweet Georgia Juke Joint - Downtown Atlanta, GA
Get 2 Hours of Proven Relationship Solutions
Can You Afford Not To Invest In Your Relationship?

This workshop is open to the public but pre-registration is strongly encouraged due to the demand.

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Additional Reasons for Attending this Workshop!

This Relationship Bootcamp Class will provide a blueprint for how happily married couples make it through conflict, boredom and life changes. Specifically, the class will cover:

Both couples and singles will walk away with their own Ph.D. in making relationships work! No longer do you have to feel stuck, inadequate or hopeless in making relationships work. You'll walk away with the steps, techniques and skills that will make your own relationship endure the test of time. You should attend even BEFORE you marry to learn the steps on how to build a healthy, lasting relationship.

Dr. Tartt notes that this workshop is necessary because, “Too many couples break up or divorce that shouldn’t. The true problem is not one another but the fact that we lack a blueprint or manual for how to make relationships work. How many of us can really say we were given solid instructions on how to stay married or work through differences? The psychological research has already been done and proven. Now, it's my job to share what the industry leaders have found with the general public to decrease relationship failure, divorce and unnecessary stress."

About Dr. Alduan Tartt

Dr. Alduan Tartt is a psychologist, speaker, author and radio/TV talent with a passion to serve the community. To book him for speaking engagements or to set up an appointment contact him at or 404-377-4757.

Dr. Tartt is also a frequent contributor to Essence and Black Enterprise magazines and is a monthly columnist for Today’s Black Woman, Sister to Sister and Solo Woman magazines and electrifies audiences all over the country while empowering youth, parents, and singles/couples. He is a graduate of both Morehouse College and the University of Michigan where he was one of the youngest African-Americans to receive his PhD in Clinical Psychology.

Dr. Tartt owns a thriving positive psychology practice in Decatur, GA and has successfully worked with well over a thousand clients in Georgia, California, and Michigan. He has served on the Board of Directors for the 100 Black Men of DeKalb and Forever Family. Dr. Tartt is also a former associate member of the National Speakers Association of Georgia.


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