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Don’t let your writing hold you back. Join Writing2020™ and learn to communicate more clearly and effectively in writing. Registration is happening now for the September 17, 2013 class. Early bird discount applies if you register by August 30, 2013. For details, view www.thesecrettowriting.com/classes. Hurry, register today.


Who can benefit from the class?

  • Professionals who want to boost their careers through enhanced written communication skills

  • Companies and government agencies that want to increase productivity and effectiveness among employees

  • People who want to review the fundamentals of writing

  • Individuals who want help from a professional to strengthen areas of weakness in writing

  • People who recognize and value the importance of written communication skills in their personal and professional lives


What are the benefits of the Writing2020™ class?

  • Communicating more clearly and effectively through writing

  • Gaining confidence in your writing ability

  • Standing out among your peers Developing a skill that is transferable to any industry or endeavor

  • Developing a skill that is transferable to any industry or endeavor

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