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Quantum Leap Thinking
A Whirlwind Tour of the Mind

April 19 - 1:00 - 5:00 pm
Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center
New York City

Minority Professional Network, in partnership with Liminal Group, would like to invite you to a non-traditional program that will truly change the way you think - about your goals, vision and purpose.

At Alice Tully Hall, Lincoln Center on April 19, 2007 from 1pm-5pm, 1000 executives will embark on a riveting exploration of the mind and a rousing celebration of the imagination.

Quantum Leap Thinking is a bold yet fun program designed to empower business people with the simple, concise and effective skills which lead to clearer thinking, enhanced creativity, and higher productivity.

Through dramatic exercises with the entire audience, Mapes will demonstrate how we get "stuck" in thinking that limits our ability to perform at our best and how the power of the mind and imagination can be used to reframe challenges and avoid the "intelligence trap" - that "logical" way of thinking that inhibits creative thought, blocks new ideas, stifles innovation, and limits potential.

Assumptions will be shattered.

Mindsets, challenged.

Productivity... unleashed.

In business and in life, the way people view change and manage their minds can make the difference between defeat, mere survival or Quantum Leaps. By understanding how certain beliefs and mindsets get in the way of making real progress in today's business world, you can achieve levels of performance you never thought possible.

Registration Fee:

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Group & Student Pricing Available

(212) 546-4625

"Quantum Leap Thinking offers a kind, provocative and challenging path to the mastery of change."
Tom Peters
In Search of Excellence
"You were phenomenal, informative and entertaining, and provided a new way of looking at and responding to situations. You truly touched our 'inner selves' and you have made an impact on how we will perform both at MBCC and in our personal lives."
George Bauer
President and CEO
Mercedes Benz Credit Corporation
"Your presentation on change and creativity was not only effective, it was entertaining."
Elmer M. Fisher
Managing Director
Deloitte & Touche
"You were brilliant and masterful. Your presentation was amazing and kept me on the edge of my seat. Thank you for an unforgettable experience and the knowledge that we are all more than what we see."
Diane G. Powell
V.P. Sales
British Airways

About James J. Mapes

James J. Mapes, a Principal Faculty Member of Liminal Group, is an expert in break-through thinking, change management, high-performance, team building and transformational leadership. He brings with him a rich background in psychology, neurology and the arts, and is an expert in creativity, perceptions and the imagination. Mapes is one of the most highly sought after keynote speakers in the world whose unique approach to professional development produces a "Quantum Leap" to transformational change. As a renowned executive coach and high-performance specialist, he has worked closely with thousands of executives and hundreds of Fortune 1000 companies in more than a dozen countries. He also writes and produces training films; the latest, Creating Our Future was rated one of the year's ten best by Successful Meetings magazine. He is the creator of the renowned The Transformational Coach™ and he wrote and starred in the hit Broadway one-man show, Journey into the Imagination.

About Liminal Group

Liminal Group is a premier global executive communications company in the business of preparing clients for leadership roles and helping individuals and corporations position themselves as leaders in their industries. Clients can access the sophisticated content that our Faculty & Advisory members offer through three different learning vehicles: Consulting, Events and our online Library.

For more information about Liminal Group, please call 212-546-4625 or visit www.liminalgroup.com.






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